The Wickedness of Delta and Other Airlines…

So, this happened a while ago, but I am just now able to post about it.


When I first heard about this, I was absolutely furious.


My husband came home and told me that a friend of ours had a friend who was in the Dominican Republic and was trying to fly out, but the airline prices with Delta were jacked up $3,000 a person. Are you kidding me? My blood instantly started to boil… I could not believe what I was hearing.

You mean, people are panicked and stuck on an island (or in Florida) with a category 5 hurricane coming for them, and instead of all of the airlines coming together and trying to help as many people as possible get out of the islands and Florida and to safety, they decide “let’s capitalize on people being in danger”. Are you kidding me?? Even writing this and thinking about it again is making me angry all over again.


For starters, it is just wickedness. Pure evil. Instead of helping others, they decide to make a quick buck off of people’s fear and the risk posed on their lives. But, on top of that, I don’t think these airlines notice how stupid what they did truly is. This is bound to make people who pay attention to this kind of thing angry… and as a business, if you make people angry, you LOSE customers. So, if they didn’t do a good thing with good intentions, they at least should have been able to see that if they did some good, came together and got as many people out of the islands and Florida as they could at little or no cost, their businesses would have been booming. But instead, they decided to capitalize and make a quick buck… and I truly hope people paid attention to that and rethink flying with them… I know I sure have. I will avoid flying with any of these companies as much as I possibly can (not like I fly anyway, but if I ever do, this will be in my mind).


I decided not to write about this unless I could provide sources that it was happening, and I found 2 I want to add. This post talks about Delta’s prices, and this post names other airlines that gouged their prices during Irma.


What do you think about what Delta and these other airlines did?


Let me know below!


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