My Miscarriage Story UPDATE!

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So, here is the long awaited update to my miscarriage story from back in December.

If you haven’t read the first part of the story, please read it first, here.

SO, I told you all in my first miscarriage post, that months before I even got pregnant and had my miscarriage with Michael, I was warned by God that I would be getting pregnant, and having a miscarriage. But, I was also promised that I would get pregnant again very shortly after the miscarriage.

Well, the pregnancy and miscarriage obviously happened. So, I was just waiting for God to deliver on His promise He made to me. I had faith and held on to the promise that it would happen because my God said that it would! Not to say that I didn’t waver, or have my times of doubt, but as a whole, I remained hopeful and believing that it would happen.

Four months went by, and I stressing about getting pregnant. Trying to just trust God to do it in His timing, but also trying to stay on top of my cycle, when I was ovulating, etc. It was definitely tiring, and stressful. It was like a constant battle occurring in my mind and heart: faith vs. control. I wanted to have complete and total faith in God that He would 100% deliver on His promise, but I also wanted to have at least a little bit of control over the process so it would happen “sooner”. It was really stupid, and I repent for that mindset now, because I don’t need any control. He is God and I am not!

Well, when I ended up not pregnant in the beginning of April I decided that I was done stressing and trying to control it. It would happen when it happened, and I put my full faith in God and His word to me!

So, throughout April I just remained stress-free and enjoyed life for what it was without being pregnant. I celebrated my 21st birthday, went camping with my husband and friends, and just relaxed. Then, on the last day of April, our pastor’s daughter-in-law comes up to me and says that 2 weeks ago she had a dream about us. In her dream, we had a newborn baby boy and she was helping my husband and me out with taking care of him and house work. Well, I stopped religiously checking my ovulation dates and such, but by the end of the month I looked at my cycle tracking app and knew that I had ovulated, and it was 2 weeks ago.

(On a side note: as it happens, 2 weeks ago my husband and I had intimate time, and about a day or two after, when I was trying to go to sleep, I felt this electricity feeling go through my lower abdomen that was really strange. I believe now that I felt the moment I conceived)

So, on Monday, May 1st I decided that I was going to go to the dollar store and buy some pregnancy tests because the electricity feeling and dream were just too much of a coincidence for me. I still felt that I could just be getting my hopes up, but it was the most promising month I had!


Not being able to believe it, I went and bought some Clearblue pregnancy tests! I took a digital, and a normal one, and they both came back positive, as well!!

Needless to say, I was both shocked and excited! God delivered on His promise because He is faithful and true!

Where are we now?

Well, I am now 20 weeks pregnant (can someone say late update?? lol) and we know it is a little girl and I am super pumped to meet this baby in 20 or fewer weeks! God has provided and He has been faithful, and I thank Him for this blessing and testimony!

I will do more pregnancy updates and tell y’all how the pregnancy has been going later, but as for now, I am going to leave this as the update! I hope you guys stick around and see how this promise of God unfolds in our lives, and thank you so very much for being here thus far!

Tons of Love,

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