Miracle on the Interstate

Well, this happened a few weeks ago but I just haven’t written about it yet. So without further ado, what God did for me on the Interstate. 

My husband, Erik, and I went about 30 minutes away from our house to go get some barstools for our new house, and we took both cars, me driving his corolla and him driving my xterra. So, I don’t drive very often, and I’m not very comfortable driving anymore because of that, but this was a relatively easy drive to the Craigslist guys house for the barstools. Well, after we got them, Erik was on call, and he got called into work, so I just went with him so we could get something to eat after he was done. So we went and all went fine, and then it was time to drive home. Well I had yet to drive home from Erik’s job, but we had to go on the biggest (and in my opinion worse) interstate to get home. I HATE interstates. And usually  when I drive on them I stay in the first couple lanes, but unfortunately very quickly (like a mile) after you get onto the Interstate you have to of cut all the way across traffic into the fast lane or the one next to it (this is like a 6 lane road or something) to get into the exit that goes to the left onto a smaller 2 lane Interstate (which I used to be more comfortable on-but that story is for another time).

Well, Levi (my 2 year old son) and I are listening to the radio, and we go to merge onto the Interstate and I start to pray. The second I start praying, the music on the radio turns off. Not my radio, just the station we are listening to. So I follow Erik across the lanes to get into the left two lanes to exit onto the smaller Interstate, and I am still praying. Then, the second we get onto the smaller Interstate I thank Him for His protection in Jesus name, and I say Amen. Then, the SECOND I say Amen, the radio station started working again. I was completely in awe. I know the Lord did that for me. One, to not distract me from driving in this scary and unfamiliar Interstate at night, and two to not distract me from my prayer. Then once we were in the clear and I said amen He turned the music back on. 

That’s the God I serve. Thank you, Lord Jesus. 
Do you have any cool testimonies about miracles the Lord has done for you? Let me know about them in the comments! 
Thanks for reading my short little testimony, and God bless you. 

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